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About Quizmart

Quizmart is an app for playing quizzes and sharing their content. You can participate in or create games yourself with fun, challenging, or educational questions. We are super excited to share it with everybody


For players

Challenge yourself in a single-player mode or host a quiz game and invite your friends to join for a battle of the brains.

Creative questions with a free text answer

Host and moderate your own games

Quick game set-up and quality content

For creators

Challenge your friends

Are you a master of trivia, a wizard of lore, an observer of facts? Craft your carefully gathered encyclopedic knowledge into a set of questions and test your acquaintances (or strangers) for their wits.

Be rewarded

Created a super amazing question, that is so good that people would pay to play it? With our credit system, you will be rewarded every time your incredible question participates in a game.

Build it up

Create questions and their sets, host games, monetize your best content, gather an audience of fans, and enjoy it all the way!

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Download Quizmart app

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